Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Catch-Up Wrap Up!

Me ~ The Yearling, well I am suppose to be reading this for book club but have only done the first page. Can I get it done in 2 weeks???
La ~ The second book in The Berinfell Prophesies, Venom & Song ~ these are Christian fantasy YA fiction books. She loves fantasy books like Lord of the Rings and the like. She gets that from me!
Morning Read Aloud ~ A Wind in the Door, Second in the A Wrinkle in Time Series ~ more fantasy!

Learning & Living at Home ~
I have lots to update since I haven’t written one of these in a while. I will try to be brief! La has been bouncing around topics in her study time. Her latest bounce was from Planets to Egypt. She found a book at the Library in Scholastic’s series Horrible Histories about Egypt & loves it. It’s history with all the gruesome details. Kids love the yucky stuff. Some people worry about this being an expression of our sin nature, but I think it is more about a safe way to deal with and process the yucky stuff in our world that they need to deal with. Like dressing up in a scary costume ~ it’s a safe way to confront these issues.

La has also taken it upon herself to learn her times tables. She works on it everyday. We purchased for her a copy of the Timez Attack program, of which you can get a free version here. She is over half way through it and is really getting them down. After she learns these & masters long division she will be able to restart Life of Fred. This is a really engaging math program that we both love! She has also been very diligent in her spelling work.

Out & About ~
Firefly Corps is still going on along with art classes at Kimball Art Center & PE Class. Farm Team is over. I can’t believe I missed blogging about the whole Farm Team season! La had training every Saturday & Sunday & a few night trainings. She also Had 4 Giant Slalom & 1 Slalom race. She is the only kid in her coaching group that did not miss a single practice or race! Last week we got to go to the US Ski & Snowboard Association’s Center of Excellence and take a tour. This was such a treat, because it is usually only open to US Ski & Snowboard Team Members & Coaches. It is literally 4 miles from our house and the only one in the country!
The kids going crazy in the ramps & tramps area!

La & her friend in the foam pit
 Video Below of YSL (Youth Ski League) Finals

My Journey ~
In book club we have read Jane Eyre & David Copperfield. I have taught myself to crochet & opened an Etsy shop. I also started a blog about my crocheting and shop. I’m trying to do 2 tutorials a month on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday. I am also coming up with my own unique patterns which I plan to sell. If you crochet you can go to Facebook & like my fan page here. I will be looking for pattern testers soon!

I am also in the throws of planning Vacation Bible School. This year I wanted to do something different. I have been inspired to do an Extreme Creation Science Camp! The ideas are coming along nicely. It should be a lot of fun.

Hopefully I will get another update done next week. I am already thinking about next year - school wise. So I will share some of that. Can you say Homeschool Co-Op? :-)
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